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Family, Friends and Associates of KIDO RYU

Coming soon-
list of Hall of Fame Inductions for KIDO RYU.

A Lifetime Member of the  International GojuKempo Federation-University of Martial Arts in Puerto Rico under
Grand Master Giovani Acevedo.
A student and Member of the Kung Fu Academy of Chicago under Grand Master Sui Kwan.
A member of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Coalition.
A student and associate member of the Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Academy under Master Andrew Lee.
A student and associate member of the U.S. Kodokan under O'Sensei Lou Ferrer
An Associate of The World Professional Karate Organization, since 1976. (first under Grand Master Aaron Banks, presently under Grand Master Tom Roberto)
An Associate member of the World Karate Federation under Grand Master Tom Purdy.
An Associate of the World Karate Union under Sensei Frank & Kathi Tasetano.
An Associate member of the International San Ryu Do Federation under Dr. Robert Braff
An Associate Member of
the BlackHawk's Martial Arts Academy International Network, under Grand Master Christopher Francis, 
Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies
also Professor Ruben Torres holds the office of:
     Chief Examiner/Senior Lecturer to the  
 Caribbean University of Martial Arts-Blackhawks Campus
in Trinidad, West Indies
An Associate of Al Hikmah Kung Fu Schools International
Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies under Prof. Abdul Qudos
A student and Lifetime member of the Kar Do Jitsu Ryu under Shidoshi John Manniel
An Associate and student of the Vee Jitsu Ryu, Vee Jitsu Te,
Ju Kido Kai Ryu Family clan under Grand Master Jose A. Velez
An Associate of America's Finest Karate & Kickboxing Association under Shihan Jonas Nunez
A friend of UMARA under Master Marty Manuel
An Associate and lifetime member of N.A.F.M.A. 
North American Federation of Martial Arts under Master Jose L. Torres II
Current N.Y.C. Director/Battle in Brooklyn-Invitational Youth Championships
Associate member STONE RYU DOJO/Jui Jitsu International under Hanshi Desanna Stone.
Member of Teaching staff/ Tai Chi Instructor/Stone Dojo
Executive Director/Falcon Martial Arts Academy-KIDO RYU
Central Regional Sporting Complex, Chaguanas, Trinidad, W.I.
A student and representative of Morning Tai Chi under Mr. Din, Shia Lun

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