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Special Education Programs-Speaking Series.

     Our KIDO "Motivational Speaking" Series for Educational Staff is in the works for 2010. 

This series is directed toward the Dept. of Education Staff working in the public schools system with Challenged individuals in the five boroughs. 

Some of them are still labeling our children, it is a division we need to focus on so we can move those children ahead to a more progressive and fulfilling life in the world around them.  One of inclusion not exclusion!  We also need to work with the individuals that categorise the children and by doing so, may already be limiting that child in the classroom, if not already in their own minds. Our children are sensitive enough to know and feel what comes in their sphere of personal space.  The unspoken is very relevant to the work we are doing with these youth.  Don't overlook it.

Feeling secure in the schoolyard and the classroom. Being more grounded when you are in contact with the student body,

(you know they can read you, and feel you!)

Professor Ruben Torres

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