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Qualified Black Belts in KIDO SYSTEM

The first qualified Black Belts
developed by Sambunim William F. Velez in KIDO Martial Arts
Teddy Collazo
Luis papo Padilla
Jose Serano
Jose Hernandez
Miriam Ruby Vasquez
Ruben Torres
The Second Generation of KIDO Black Belts developed by Ruben Torres
First Primary Uke-Sensei Jean Therency 4th dan/KIDO Martial Arts/
Sensei Kevin Daniels 1st dan (deceased)/KIDO Martial Arts
Sensei Sheldon Daniels 1st dan/KIDO Martial Arts
Sensei Kurt Pitt 2nd dan/KIDO Martial Arts
Sensei Lavall Chichester1st dan/KIDO Martial Arts,
Primary Uke-Sensei Jose Cruz 2nd dan /KIDO Martial Arts, KIDO RYU
Sensei Ciera Lawson 1st dan/KIDO Martial Arts
Sensei Christopher Cotto/KIDO Martial Arts/
KIDO RYU * Assist. Exercise Instructor:  
(deceased November 26, 2008)
The Newest members to the
KIDO RYU International FAMILY:
Falcon Martial Arts Academy, Chaguanas, Trinidad
KIDO Martial Arts/KIDO RYU/Sensei Vincent Nero
,The first KIDO RYU International Dojo Charter Certification was awarded to
Sensei Vincent Nero/Falcon Martial Arts Academy-KIDO RYU/ Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies
 February 22, 2009
in Brooklyn, New York 11232
The 2nd Dojo Charter Certification was Awarded to
Sensei Jean Therency, 4th Dan Black Belt KIDO RYU
on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
     Sensei Jean Therency lived and trained in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York and personally trained with Sifu Ruben Torres starting in November 1993 to present.  Sensei Jean Therency is the first student to receive a KIDO Black Belt from Sifu Torres.

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