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Training Curriculum

KIDO RYU Adult Courses

     These days in New York if you want to train in KIDO, there are no indoor formal classes being held at this time.  All classes are being conducted outside.  Sifu is training students in Brooklyn, New York by appointment only.
KIDO Martial Arts (Hapkido Basic Foundation)
KIDO Flexibility Sets-Floor Stretch, Bar Stretch, Moving Stretch, Partner Stretch all with breath patterns.
Stance Work-Front, Side, Horse, Cat, Back
Blocking-Overhead, Middle, Outside Middle,Downward, knee & elbow blocking.
Striking-Jab, Reverse, Hook, Double, Backfist, Ridge Hand, Knife Hand, Palm, Elbows, Knees, Head, Feet.
Kicking- Front, Side, Round, Hook, Back, Axe, Spin.
Rolling and Falling-Aikido roll, Aikido Slap roll, Side Fall, Front Fall, Back Fall, Ukemi,
Judo Throws
Aiki Skills
Self Defense
Bo Staff & Escrima set
Northern Shaolin Kung Fu
Yi Jin Jing, Damo's Static Postures, Iron Shirt, Iron Palm
Flexibility Set
Stance & Postures-repition drills
Blocks & Striking-repition drills
Kicking-repitition drills
Morning Tai Chi  
Chi Kung Sets
18 & 28, Beating the Drum,
Empty Hand Forms: 24, 48, 88,  Bird, Snake, Monkey Form
Fan Style 
Kung Fu Fan Style #1 & #2, and #42 Fan,
Sword Forms
#32 Sword Form, 
Chasing The Wind,
Angel Pointing to the Heavens
Push Hands
Push Hands Fixed-Single Hand plus variations,
Push Hands Fixed-Double Hand plus variations. 
Moving Push Hands-Single Hand plus variations.
Moving Push Hands-Double Hand variations,
Cloud Hands stationary,
Cloud Hands-Moving Step, cross-step 

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To Register for Classes please call:
347.585-1105 Sifu

For Group or Private Classes.
Sifu Ruben Torres

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