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KIDO Family Tree

My "Pointer of the Way"

said: Test it, Try it, Prove it, Make it grow!

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The development of KIDO Martial Arts
started with these three instructors. 
Sifu Chung Li, Sifu Unleong, and Sifu Brother Li.
First I was shown the hardness of the martial arts.
Like the way to to destruction and developing the body.
(physical power) 
Next I was shown how to understand, for example;
"to look beyond what I want to see and to see it for what it is". (to see the root of my own ignorance). 
Sifu Unleong showed me the soft martial art-like to develope the Mind (philosophy). 
So KIDO in reality of the Truth was put together by them.
Sifu Chung Li passed away at the age of 89, leaving William Velez to carry on.  Willie was 19 years old at the time.  He had started at the age of 8.  This was 1970, the  year I started to train with him.  I was the floor sweeper, the errand boy, the servant, all the little jobs that maintain the dojo were mine.  I was 15 then.  The students developed by Willie that were in my class at the Dragon Karate Dojang on Union Street in Brooklyn, New York have not all been named here.  I name all the students that went on to represent the system and answered the call and challenge during the time of the developement of the Original KIDO System.  In 1976 when the first KIDO Team went out to compete, these are the warriors in training I stood next to!  We took on all styles, all ranks, bare knucke on the floor. 
We began with respect and we always ended in Respect.
We had no specialists in our dojo.  Everyone was well versed in the Basic KIDO Foundation.  In those days, Willie did not allow specialist to stay in the dojo.  You had to do everything.  The harder it was for you, the more you should do it.  The reflection could only be continued through a complete basic foundation.  There were no advanced technique.  Only technique.  We worked in the lab called Dojo perfecting the technique that would become the
KIDO Basics. 
I have included here a list of my own students that went on to develope and perfect the same Basic foundation I was given. 
After twenty seven years as the Director of KIDO Martial Arts, I have developed sixteen Black Belts to date. 
Not one student ever had to pay me for this stage of development. 
It is my honor and pleasure to have guided them safely on the path I am on.  During their developement I too learned about myself.  I too developed to a new level of understanding, each brought me closer to the Pointer of the Way I have become.  I am humbled to have found  receptive students willing to take on the journey with me for the time they walked with me 
Thank you all.  It helps me with the new ones now.
Sifu Chung Li - Sifu Unleong - Sifu Brother Li
William F. Velez
(founder KIDO Martial Arts Center 1970)
Teddy Collazo-Luis Papo Padilla-Jose Serrano-Tony Oneil-Lucy Collazo-Jose Hernandez-Miriam Ruby Vasquez-
Ruben Torres (Director since 1982)
Jean Therency-Sheldon Daniels-Kevin Daniels-Kurt Pitt-Jose Cruz-Mohammad Pickering-Ciera Lawson-Lavall Chichester-Christopher Cotto-Ronald Pettis---Justin Hernandez-Noel Jimenez-Hugo Diaz-Louis Hernandez- Ramon Hernandez-Jose Colon

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Original Eagle System
The Way of using the Power Within

For private or group lessons call: 347.585-1105

from Tony Taylor